Wednesday, 21 December 2011

4ms PEG Demo

Audio examples of the 4ms Pingable Envelope Generator. An update to this post.

Perfect for synced modulations, the PEG generates LFOs and envelopes which can be locked to a master clock. Once 'pinged', its variable slopes run at either the base time or are stretched/ shrunk to a divided/ multiplied rate. Here it is in action:

4ms PEG demo by navs

The PEG offers voltage control over most of its parameters, various trigger outputs, an analogue OR and a variety of triggering options. The toggle function can be a creative source of surprise, as it flips the activity of the two envelope generators. The curves can be extreme, especially when the skew is maxed in one or the other direction, so you might want to use a linear VCA. That said, a 'whiplash' setting is great with low pass gates.

I've only scratched the surface with this demo: you could try the PEG on drones, slow pans or feeding it to a quantizer for synced, stepped CVs. QNT trig mode allows gated repeats or trills like the Plan B Model 10 or Cwejman CTG-VC. When used with a sequencer, you could set different length envelopes per note, or use the toggle jack to combine the two.

The PEG is rich in possibilities, so make sure you read the extensive manual. Once you've grasped the concept, it's easy to use. If you've ever wanted to keep your wobbles in time, the PEG might be what you've been looking for.


plancton9 said...

what kind of VCO do you use in your demo?

Navs said...

Sorry, can't remember exactly! Might have been a Cwejman or Plan B M15.

francesco said...

Nice demo,

Would the peg go well with the microbrute as a standalone unit ?