Wednesday 7 September 2016

Sept 14 - Navs Live @ Modulation ICMC Utrecht

I’ll be holding a workshop and playing live at Sonar Traffic’s Modulation in Utrecht next week, Wednesday September 14th.

It’s an off-event for the International Computer Music Conference, ICMC. The builder of marvellous mechanical modules, Gijs Gieskes and the prolific performer and composer Richard Scott will also play.

My workshop starts at 19:30 and the concerts begin an hour later.

The address is Kytopia, Oude Gracht 245 and tickets cost 7,50€

The Facebook Event and ticket information is here.


For my workshop I want to look into what makes music modular. Is it the sound, the organisation of sound or is it just about the gear? We’ll look at function blocks, feedback and performance patches.

I’ll then attempt to put some of those ideas into practice in my live performance! Here is a taste of what I’ve been working on for Modulation:

Look forward to seeing you in Utrecht next Wednesday!