Thursday 22 August 2013

Fonitronik Triple Vactrol Resonators

A short demo of the forthcoming Fonitronik mh21 Triple Vactrol Resonators - three vactrol controlled band-pass filters, as found in the Korg PS3100.

The layout and features of the mh21 are not finalized, but this recording should give you an idea of the resonator's sonic character.
In a word, juicy.

First you hear a summed signal. From 1:00 onwards, you're listening to two detuned VCOs which I patched into two filter inputs. I panned the outputs left and right. Both VCOs receive the same pitch CV. Depending on the frequency of the oscillators and filter cut-off, the signals seem to disappear and reappear. Let it swirl!

Thanks to Matthias for the loan of the prototype.