Saturday, 23 January 2010

Patch of the Day - Maths Trills

More Maths tips - this module continues to inspire me! Picking up on this thread over at Muff Wiggler's forum on how to attain trills and bursts from Maths, I tried Yohda's patch:

Chianti Trills

It works a treat! As per Yohda's suggestion I used a mixer/ VCA, but I think Rechner7 is right: a logic module would be better: when I lengthen the decay time in the example, you can hear some 'flamming' where the gates overlap.

The patch is simple: use channel 4 as your envelope, as it is equipped with an EOCycle rather than channel 1's EORise. An LFO clocks a sequencer and A-160/161 clk div/ seq. The main gate is sent to channel one of a VCA-4MX and the EOC to channel two. This is gated by the division output of your choice from the A-160/161 combo.

You could also replace the A-160/1 combo with a Wogglebug to VC Maths' 'both' input, transpose the sequence and use its burst output to generate random trills:

Pills, Trills & Wogglecake

Be sure to read Tony Rolando's patch tips for gated looping in that thread. And thanks to Mr White (Mr Yellow) for asking the question!

EDIT: the trills patch will also work with a Bananalogue/ Serge VCS! I also replaced the VCA-4MX in the patch with an A-134-2 VC Xfader to generate somewhat 'cleaner' trills. Using a cross-fader means the main gate is 'pushed out of the way' when you want the EOC to take priority.


Herr Schulz said...

Master Navs, those are wonderful trills! Sounds great.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, those sound great. Now I won't feel so bad about only having one Burst Generator. I can make another one with envelopes and fancy patching!