Wednesday 24 December 2008

Patch of the Day - And The Bells Rang Out

A festive Patch of the Day -

AFG FM'd, MMF-1 pinged, Super Jupiter XModded & Sunsyn plain old filtered, all sequenced by a P3.

Peace & prosperity to you all, Navs.

Sunday 21 December 2008

Doepfer A-137-2 Wave Multiplier II Demo

A quick demo of Doepfer's A-137-2 Wave Multiplier II.

The module uses comparators to generate four phase-shifted copies of the incoming signal to provide a robust, multi-oscillator type sound. Think 'super-saw' without any of the phase cancellation issues usually associated with mixing multiple VCOs.

In the first example you'll first hear the source saw, then the A-137-2 and lastly three VCOs.

The next clip shows that the input level clearly plays a role in the resulting sound. At the beginning you can hear the comparators struggling to lock-on. I found the sound to be most pleasing around the '7' mark.

You can get some very nice effects if you have tempo-sync'd LFOs. In this example I used two S&H outputs of my Kenton Pro 2000 II.

This shows what happens when you feed the A-137-2 with a sine and then a triangle (it won't work with pulses). A nice buzzy sound, but not quite the same as mixing multiple sines or triangles.

And finally, a short demo of what two 'five-VCO' parts can sound like in the mix. Apologies to 808 State ...

Wednesday 17 December 2008

Doepfer Banana Leads

Doepfer A-100C15, 15cm Patch Cable, ca. €2


Available from Doepfer or Schneidersbuero.

Monday 15 December 2008

Trobetronic40 - DIY Noisemaker

Introducing the Trobetronic40 - my first DIY synth project, built for a mate's 40th birthday out of parts sourced from a knackered Korg PolySix, Thingamagoop box and various cheap components.

I'd been keen to get into a bit of soldering action since reading Nicolas Collins' excellent Handmade Electronic Music last year, but always found excuses (work, life, making music, the wife etc.) to put off my first project. The turning point came in November when I bought a Thingamagoop and realized the circuits it contained were pretty much exactly the ones Collins describes.

Bread-boarding the circuit took about 20 minutes, the soldering about five hours, housing it about an hour and finding the right screws for the PolySix switch about four days. It was fun, but this might be my first and last DIY project. Life's just too short for this kind of nonsense ...

Here's a short video of the Trobetronic40 in action and here's the schematic.

BTW there was a certain karmic quality to the build: the mate in question was also responsible for blowing-up the original P6 back in '95. Happy Birthday Mike and look after this one, OK?

Patch of the Day - Automation Uncertainty

Three VCOs running as External Instruments in Logic, random CCs & pitch information generated by a Sequentix P3 to various plug-in parameters.

Automation Uncertainty

The patch:
1) Livewire AFG linear FM'd by Cwejman MMF-1,
reverb depth modulation.
2) Cwejman VCO-2RM > Plan B M13,
delay time & level modulation.
3) Cwejman VCO-2RM > Doepfer A-105,
flanger feedback-level modulation.

Shame there aren't any decent, fully CV-able stereo effects in Euro format yet, as I'd far rather do this in the modular realm than faff around with assigning CCs. But in terms of flexibility and price, it's a good compromise for adding some modulation madness to your patches.

Friday 5 December 2008

Richard Scott's IR Trio, COMA Berlin, 041208

What an unexpected treat! An improvised set featuring live percussion, double bass and a slab of electronics in the refined environment of Berlin's COMA gallery, all washed down with some free French plonk.
I love this city!

Richard Scott brewed up an electronic storm with his Buchla Lightning, Wiimotes and Mac running Steim's LiSa and JunXion. His analogue rig, consisting of Moogerfoogers, Blippoo Box, Chimera BC8 and Cracklebox, had a life of its own.

Gustavo Aguilar drove the show with his unique approach to percussion and Adam Linson provided the low-end with his double bass.

Richard said the trio would be preparing a CD for future release. In the meantime, for more on Richard's Infraredmusic check out his space and blog.

Monday 1 December 2008

Worldtronics/ '7 Women No Cry' Video

Worldtronics Festival at the HdKdW, Berlin.

An update to this post: A video of the '7 Women No Cry' Worldtronics opening night event is now available at freshmilkTV.

Each of the seven acts played a short set that differed wildly in style from out-there kooky psychedelia to melancholic torch song. Despite the preponderance of macs, flutes and live looping, it was interesting to hear a female take on music technology.

The Sound of Lucrecia. Image: Felipe Cuartas

The Sound of Lucrecia stole the show with her presence and songs. If you want to hear more, go here for a free download of her 'Like Being Home' EP and, if you get the chance, see her live!

Cheapest Analogue Filters Money Can Buy ...

Stereo, -60 dB/Octave, €2.65 per four-pack.

... indispensable for protecting your ears against boring, loud music in bad venues ;)