Monday, 18 April 2011


I got a chance to play with the prototypes of the 4MS VCA Matrix & Pingable Envelope Generator this past week while Dann & Jeannot were visiting Berlin. As the layout & features of both modules might change, I won't go into detail. Here's a quick, uncommented, run-through:

4MS VCAM & PEG Demo by navs

The VCAM works as you'd expect: it's a matrix mixer with the added benefit of SSM VCAs & mutes, capable of processing both CVs & audio. The LED mute buttons, in particular, would be useful in performance.

The PEG offers tempo-sync'd envelopes/ LFOs with control over multiplication or division of the envelope time, contour shaping tools and various trigger outs. With a little feedback and when run at audio-rates it can produce chaotic results.

Thanks to Dann for bringing them round - looking forward to the final versions!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Release: Trans Europa Exzess

Studio version of my set at the Schneidersbuero Superbooth event at the Saasfee Pavillion last week.

I took a 6U system to Frankfurt, which was the same rig I used for the above recording: 4MS RCD + breakout, Analogue Solutions MX224 & SH-NZ, Cwejman RES-4, MMF-1 & VCA-4MX, Doepfer A-133, Makenoise Wogglebug & Maths, Plan B M15 & M12, Toppobrillo Sport Modulator & Triple Wavefolder and, of course, the EHX Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai.

This was the first time I received the full security check the airport, involving a visit to a special room and swab test on the case. A tip for modular travelers: when asked whether you are a DJ and your equipment is a mixer, answer 'yes' to both questions.

Thanks to Andreas and all involved - it was a great evening!