Sunday, 10 January 2010

Patch of the Day - Backwards

This is one of those simple patches that can yield great results: using a comparator or gate delay to shift the onset of an event, in this case a change in pitch and timebase:

PotD_Bkwds2  by  navs
Hertz Donut first, then Plan B M15

I used a looping envelope (Plan B M10, slow attack, faster decay) to open a VCA and also voltage control the VCO's wave-shape. The M10's End of Attack pulse clocks a Wogglebug which provides a stepped random CV for the VCO and the envelope's Timebase. The change in pace and pitch occurs during the note's decay.

VC-ing the waveform discontinuity on the HD might be easier and the pitch change more apparent, but the Model 15 does sound great, especially with a dash of delay.

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