Monday, 18 January 2010

Cwejman Update

For those of you for whome the MMF-6 demo recordings were too 'heavy metal', here is a recording of some of the more subtle shades of saturation Cwejman's new filter is capable of:

MMF-6 Subtle Saturation

Low Pass 'clean' output. An analogue sequencer was used to modulate the cutoff frequency while the resonance and symmetry parameters were manually tweaked. The VCO's frequency was constant.

I liked the effect of this 'harmonic sequencing' so much, I tried it with my MMF-1. In the following example, I manually tweaked the frequency, resonance and 'spacing' while in dual-peak 12 dB band pass mode:

MMF-1 Dual Peak Harmonic Sequencing

Some more information on the CTG-VC and new look:

With no gate applied, the CTG's sustain is 'high' and can be used as an offset.

Despite lacking a D-Slope CV input, this parameter can be voltage controlled by taking a mult of the envelope and feeding it back to the decay CV. This is exactly the same patch trick I used to attain CV control over Math's curves. Depending on whether the feedback is positive or negative, one can change the response from exponential to logarithmic. Again, +1 for Doepfer's A-133 VC Polarizer!

And finally, Wowa says he plans to successively change all panels to the new, classy 'pearl white'.


Anonymous said...


I'd like to know what's the sound source filtered by the MMF-1.

Lovely sounds.


Navs said...

Cheers! IIRC it was a static saw from a VCO-2RM. The CVs from the sequencer were only sent to the filter, not the VCO, although it sounds like I might have re-tuned it towards the end.

Anonymous said...

Hi Navs,
A sawtooth ? I wouldn't expect that !
Many thx,

Anonymous said...

Love the sound of MMF-6. Did you use the Vco-2Rm as a VCO? Both or just one vco?

Thank you

Navs said...

Hi Rc,
It was just one VCO. You can hear it at 3:10 in the MMF-6 demo. In both examples, the resonance was fairly high. I used this to pick out the harmonics.

blino said...

wich delay/echo do you us in this recordings?

Navs said...

Hi Blino, it's probably the EHX Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai!