Wednesday, 27 January 2010

It's the Envelope, Stupid!

An early Easter bunny.

(Repost from Easter 2008)

I dug these old tests out of the archive in response to these (1, 2) threads at Muff Wiggler's forum.

Bear in mind that this was 2008 and that the range of modules now on offer is far greater. Given the choice today, my recommendation would be the Cwejman CTG-VC and Make Noise Maths. Nevertheless, I hope the tests are still of use!


"Common wisdom has it that the most important module for shaping your sound is the filter. I beg to differ: it's the envelope, stupid!"

Download the test (3.3MB) here. Features Doepfer A-140, A-142, A-143-1, Cwejman ADSR-VC2 (rev.1) & Bananalogue/ Serge VCS.

Later that summer, I posted the following:


"Faster is better, right? Not necessarily ..."

Download the test (1MB) here for a comparison between the Roland MC-202 and Doepfer A-140 envelopes.

Sometimes 'sluggish' is just what you want.

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Brian Biggs said...

You're driving me crazy with these (wonderful) comparisons. It's a great public service but why am I suddenly adding EGs to my list of must-haves? Grrrr.