Saturday, 27 February 2010

PotD - We All Pass Out

Using the All Pass output of one of favourite filters - Plan B's Model 12 State Variable Vactrol Filter - to create a phasing effect. Inspired by this old thread at

PotD - We All Pass Out

FM'd self-oscillating Cwejman MMF-1 filter sent to both a mixer and the M12, All Pass out returned to mixer. Gated by a Bananalogue/ Serge VCS which is responsible for much of the sequence's funk due to its inability to re-trigger.

The phase cancellations are clearly audible at around the 10 second mark as I fade in the all-pass signal to the mix.

The balance between original and all-passed signal is key to getting the phasing right. The M12 is capable of some very musical distortion (more on this below) and I think I pushed the filter's input too much in the first example. To compensate for the source material's lack of harmonics and to help set a better balance, in this example I first processed the sequence with my Ken Stone Lockhart wavefolder:

M12 as Phaser

This last clip demonstrates the Model 12's characteristic 'vactrol fuzz'. An FM'd Hertz Donut is fed into the filter, Maths sweeps the cutoff while I manually adjust the filter input level. I also compensated for the increased volume at higher fuzz levels by turning down the final VCA accordingly.

M12 Vactrol Fuzz

Normally, this is just the right amount of fuzz for my liking but, if you remember this, you'll know that the M12 is capable of some truly molten sounds.

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