Monday 1 February 2010

Just for the record ...

A couple of things have come up recently that made me feel the need to address the following issue:

I do not work for Schneidersbuero, do not get paid for my tests and I am certainly not Andreas Schneider!

I am a long-standing customer of Schneidersbuero and, when I'm particularly interested in a module, Andreas generously allows me - as he does others - to try before I buy. As I might only have a weekend to get to know a module, I make as many recordings to document its strengths and weaknesses and help my purchasing decision.

I've found these tests enormously useful and figure others might too. Hence, the blog. Naturally, in thanks for the loan, I pass my posts on to Andreas and this is why they will occasionally also appear on his blog, Stromkult. The modular community, whilst currently experiencing a boom, is relatively small and manufacturers, dealers and retailers need all the support they can get.

One last point. I don't always buy the modules I test! This would not be financially possible and, truth be told, once the initial rush of GAS has evaporated, I often find I can do without the latest whizz-bang and make use of the modules currently in my two-case system.

Thats it - now, back to the modules!


Hiko said...

your blog is very usefull, and i like to read it, a lot of knowledge and usefull tips is dropped here.
thumbs up for these


Cyril said...

Keep it like this, your blog is amazing. It's what i wan't to read and ear today. You made a great work.

VICMOD said...

just really got to know your blog over the last week and its one of my favourites!

Excellent work

katavist said...

agree to all of the above.
your blog is on top of my list!

cosmotobe said...

Don't worry about these misunderstandings. Think about the majority of your readers who appreciate your really great and useful work. Keep it up and thank you!

Navs said...

Thank you very much for all the kind words of support both here and via mail.

No fear of me stopping - I just wanted some transparency!

All the best,