Sunday, 4 October 2009

Patch of the Day - Hertzsounds2


Been having a lot of fun with The Harvestman's 'Hertz Donut' digital VCO since picking one up last week.

Today's PotD features five multi-tracked voices/ patches and showcases the HD's thru-zero linear FM, waveform discontinuity and tracking mode capabilities. No filters were used and I tried to keep the effects to a minimum to give you an idea of its raw sound.

Patch of the Day - Hertzsounds2  by  navs

Expect a full modular lab review including a comparison with another thru-ZerO FM heavyweight soon!


Peter Speer said...

Nice track, Navs! I like the moment at 1:25 or so when everything is about to fall apart but instead snaps into place.

I continue to be impressed by what I've heard of the Hertz Donut. "Broken computer sounds," as one reviewer on the boards put it, seem like something it excels in.

Looking forward to reading your review (HD vs. Zeroscillator?)

tj milian said...

great sounds. thanks for sharing.

g.p.macklin said...

I love the Hertz Donut sound right around 2:22.

Navs said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys!

The HD is, as I wrote, a lot of fun. The modulation oscillator is really the key - patching FM sounds is an absolute doddle and you can get some surprising results when mixing the destinations.

It doesn't have to sound broken, although the higher up the range you get, the more fkd it gets. Don't really understand this: I would have expected more aliasing in the lower reaches, where its 12Bit nature should become more apparent.

The really 'krank' sounds come from futzing with the tracking modes while you've got some background waveform discontinuity.