Saturday 24 October 2009

Maths Test

This module needs little by way of introduction - shortly after it was announced, it sold out in the US and Europe. So what makes Make Noise's Maths so special that it prompted the largest used-envelope sell-off in Euro format history?

Have a listen for yourself:

Maths Test Taster  by  navs

Maths packs a pair of voltage controllable slope generators, much like the Bananalogue/ Serge VCS or Plan B Model 10, plus two channels of 'attenu-version'. It's this 'package' that is probably the key to its success. It's a compact, complete system. Most patch 'problems' can be solved without resorting to other modules and, like the Wogglebug, it's fun and inspiring.

In use, I found the envelopes clean and spike-free. Setting rise and fall times was far easier than on my VCS or Model 10. As the manual states, the contours have a dramatic effect on timing. Like the VCS, filtering audio is not one of its strengths but when used to slew CVs it is precise.

The only two things I missed were a single-shot trigger button and, more importantly, voltage control over the polarizers. The latter would, for example, allow VC contours and greatly enhance the mathematical possibilities!

You can download the full test here (13.5MB)

Update: here's a short clip demonstrating Math's slew/ portamento capabilities.


tj milian said...

very nice. the maths module is quite impressive. great sounds. what do you use for panning?

Navs said...

Thanks tj! In the bouncing ball example I used a Cwejman VCA-2P for panning, but in the other clips most of what you're hearing is the ping-pong delay of the EHX Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai.