Friday, 12 June 2009

Shorts - f(h) Plague Bearer & mfb DRM04

Two quick demos without much ado:

Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer

(processed signal first, then source material)

A little too idiosyncratic for my taste, but a good, cheap FSU module.

MFB DRM04 Kick Drum Module

This module is fully CV-able and is capable of a wide variety of sounds - the trigger sensitivity has a marked effect. The overdrive is great, if a little 90's. You can download the zipped folder (12MB) here.


Unknown said...

hey, zip dl for the mfb doesn't work :)

Navs said...

Ooops! Fixed the link. Navs.

Anonymous said...

Do I hear music for airports?

Navs said...

Depends on who you are ;)