Tuesday 16 June 2009

Borg, Boogie & the Thwap Test

I only went to Schneiders yesterday to pick up a second Doepfer mixer...

Enjoy the recordings.

Borg Low Pass. Starts in LPG mode, then manual tweaks.

Borg Modes. EG + Manual tweaks

Boogie Modes. EG + sequenced/ random CV of mix relationships (Cwejman VCA-4MX).

I also borrowed a Makenoise QMMG to run a quick 'Thwap' test.

For some, the gold standard in Euro is still the Plan B Model 13. Decide for yourself.

LPG Thwap Test. M13, Borg, QMMG.

VCO and envelope were multed to the three LPGs. The Borg, QMMG & M13 all use different vactrols with different response times, so I adjusted the modulation depth until I got a similar timbre. The M13 was used as the 'control' i.e. offset at zero, MD at full.

Thanks to Schneidersbuero for the loan of the modules.

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