Monday, 12 January 2009

Patch of the Day - Zerreissprobe

The star of today's PotD is Doepfer's A-143-1 Complex Envelope Generator. Supporting roles played by a Sequentix P3, Kenton Pro 2000, 4 VCOs and Cwejman's VCA-4MX.

I've used the A-143-1 to create a ripple effect. Each 'note on' triggers a succession of four envelopes which are patched to the four inputs of the VCA-4MX. By changing the Threshold level, the timing of the ripple is affected. This effect can be further pronounced by changing the A/D times of the envelopes.

The P3 generates a four note sequence which is transposed using an accumulator in bi-polar mode. The Kenton is set to polyphonic mode, so that each new note is sent to the next VCO in the chain, adding a slight 'analogue shift register' feel to the patch.


Anonymous said...

UAU! Great Sound! so i can realize, whit kenton, my modular how polyphonic "perfourmer vermona" ?

Navs said...

Glad you like it :) If I've understood your question, yes: the Kenton Pro 2000 MKII has a polyphonic mode. It allows you to play up to 5-note chords using the AUX outputs. This mode can be set for 'regular cyclic' or 'memory cyclic' mode. In the first, each new note is sent to the next free voice. In 'memory' mode, a new note will be assigned to the same voice if it is not playing or has not been reassigned.