Saturday, 24 January 2009

Livewire AFG vs Cwejman VCO-6

(Picture shows AFG but no VCO-6:
I stupidly forgot to take a snap before I had to return it.)

Finally got round to compiling and uploading this test!

Livewire's AFG
goes head-to-head with Cwejman's VCO-6, two similarly priced and spec'd high-end VCOs.
They both sound great, but do you need both?

Download the tests here (18 MB) and here (8 MB).

Thanks to Schneidersbuero for the loan of the VCO-6!


Peter Speer said...

Excellent demos! There was a thread on the Muffwiggler forum about these two VCOs, and I was hoping to hear some samples-- thanks!!

Looking forward to hearing the Random Generator Roundup. I'm on the 149-1,2/Heisenberg fence at the moment and can't wait to hear them side-by-side (assuming they'll be in your post). I've read that the Doepfer module is "more musical" and the Model 24 is "more random" but can't make heads or tails as to what exactly that means.

tard bunker said...

Both are excellent. I have both prefer the AFG personally, but the VCO-6 sounds fantastic, the PWM on the VCO-6 really makes it a nice addition to any other VCOs you may have. The VCO-6 is bright and more clinical.... but i don't think sterile. It really captures the nice PWM sound of the Roland MKS-50, but with a lot more flexibility. It's a great VCO, but I'm always drawn back to the more organic tons of the AFG. Both are excellent VCOs, it's personally preference on this one. I wouldn't part with either, but do have 2-AFGs and 3 m15s. They are all great/unique.

Navs said...

Cheers Pete! Yes, I read that thread and it gave me the necessary shove to post this test. I've been sitting on the clips since November.

@Chuck: I totally agree with you on the VCO-6 and AFG, but I had to draw the line somewhere. In addition to the AFG, I already have a VCO-2RM and M15. That's enough ... for now ;)

erluna said...

Could you post the test again please? It's not there any longer.

Anonymous said...

please re-upload

Navs said...

Done - enjoy!

Navs said...

Files uploaded again! :)

Unknown said...

How about another re-up? Thanks