Monday 1 December 2008

Worldtronics/ '7 Women No Cry' Video

Worldtronics Festival at the HdKdW, Berlin.

An update to this post: A video of the '7 Women No Cry' Worldtronics opening night event is now available at freshmilkTV.

Each of the seven acts played a short set that differed wildly in style from out-there kooky psychedelia to melancholic torch song. Despite the preponderance of macs, flutes and live looping, it was interesting to hear a female take on music technology.

The Sound of Lucrecia. Image: Felipe Cuartas

The Sound of Lucrecia stole the show with her presence and songs. If you want to hear more, go here for a free download of her 'Like Being Home' EP and, if you get the chance, see her live!

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