Friday, 5 December 2008

Richard Scott's IR Trio, COMA Berlin, 041208

What an unexpected treat! An improvised set featuring live percussion, double bass and a slab of electronics in the refined environment of Berlin's COMA gallery, all washed down with some free French plonk.
I love this city!

Richard Scott brewed up an electronic storm with his Buchla Lightning, Wiimotes and Mac running Steim's LiSa and JunXion. His analogue rig, consisting of Moogerfoogers, Blippoo Box, Chimera BC8 and Cracklebox, had a life of its own.

Gustavo Aguilar drove the show with his unique approach to percussion and Adam Linson provided the low-end with his double bass.

Richard said the trio would be preparing a CD for future release. In the meantime, for more on Richard's Infraredmusic check out his space and blog.

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