Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Patch of the Day - The Random Multiplexer

First Patch of the Day of the new blog features Doepfer's A-152 voltage addressed T&H/ switch and A-149-1 Source of Uncertainty:

Three detuned VCOs play the same sequence. The Multiplexer, or switch, randomly dictates which VCO sounds when.

In the first example I'm distributing the gate signal to trigger three short envelopes. First I manually switch between the VCOs so you can hear them in isolation, then I patch in the 2n output of the A-149-1 to randomise the address, then I patch the QRV output to the gate-generating LFO's CV input to randomise the tempo.

In the second take the multiplexer is distributing it's own digital triggers. As above, first you'll hear me manually switching between the VCOs, then applying the random elements. In this instance I've triggered long decay envelopes for a nice fading effect.

Mixing courtesy of Cwejman's VCA-4MX & VCA-2P. The VCOs aren't tuned to exact intervals and the sequence itself is un-quantized, so sorry for the dissonance!

Random Multiplexer 1

Random Multiplexer 2


Veqtor said...

Haha, those intervals are hardly dissonant! They sound nice in my ears!

Navs said...

You're right, Göran. Maybe not the intervals, but the sequence itself ;)