Friday, 7 November 2008

Neulant van Exel Klangformer 6HE case

Need a road-worthy case for your Eurorack modular?

Then check out the Neulant van Exel Klangformer:

Pricey, but ruff 'n' tuff!

From the product page at Schneidersbuero:

"If you like to go swim with your modular after the gig or if you just do not like to become nervous of getting it sweatty or dirty or just too hot or too cold this is the safe box. Lookalike a better Hilty including wonderful lamps stable made .. this is the prototye.. so they can make it for you in black if you want or with other extras, just ask, please."

... in need of a little copy-editing, but you get the picture ;)

More info from Schneidersbuero.

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