Thursday, 29 June 2017

Take Seven - modular jazz revisited

A longer improv and edit inspired by this modular bebop sketch.

This track started out as a test for my old Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor - the kitchen sink FX box from the 90’s, loved by The Prodigy - which I had dusted off to check out the pitch shifters.

A medium-paced Wogglebug conducted two Plan B Model 15s and Maths. There was a bit of FM and wave-folding involved. I’ve always felt that the Wogglebug had the jazz so it was a short jump of the imagination to add some Rhodes/ Cwejman RES-4-ish tones from a Clavia G2 Voice Filter patch and some brushed beats.

I guess this was an exercise in re-contextualisation - hope you enjoy it!

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