Sunday, 3 June 2012


I visited Ken Macbeth while on a trip to Scotland. His now infamous MK1 portable system still holds pride of place on the cludgie. Voltage controlled panning, 5U-style …

Ken showed me the Micromac, which sounds heavier than a full Scottish breakfast.

The Micromac excels at detuned lead-lines and basses. I wanted to hear what else it could do and patched some audio-rate PWM. You'll need some external attenuators for this, but the Micromac FMs beautifully.

I was surprised by Ken's favourite synth, the all-digital Korg Prophecy. I didn't give this a second glance when it came out, but having seen and heard what it's capable of, I'll be looking out for one now.

Thanks for the tip and a lovely morning in Edinburgh, Ken!

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