Tuesday, 1 November 2011

navs.modular.lab is three today!

To celebrate the blog's third birthday, I've finally re-uploaded my old content and released a new EP, 'Keep the Smash'.

The seven tracks were recorded over the summer and feature the sounds of my modular and the unruly Sunsyn. Some of the pieces involved MIDI, others relied on audio edits and digital processing. Part of the fun was setting live patches in a new context, as in iirc or Smudge. The Sunsyn continues to surprise, refusing to do what you want, but nevertheless giving you something interesting. As you can hear in the title track and The Kick, I've learnt to give in to its whims.

'Keep the Smash' can be bought from my Bandcamp page for €2.99 or more.

Once I'd found a suitable solution, re-uploading three years' worth of content was straight-forward, if time-consuming. I settled on Sugarsync as it offers 5GB of free storage and doesn't have a monthly bandwidth cap.

Going through my old posts, I found some forgotten gems. If you missed them first time 'round, here are a few of my favourites: Buchla Bore, The Organ Grinder, Hands-On Experience, Releasequence.

If you do find any dead links, let me know in the comments section.

Enjoy the restored content, the new EP and your modular - here's to another year!

Cheers, Navs.


Brian said...

Happy Birthday Navs. Or Navs' website at least.

gb said...

So nice to here the Sunsyn again.
Stunning stuff!
Your sounddesign and quality is really outstanding.

I' updated mine (sunsyn) to 2.0, but haven't used it that much so far...Should give it another try :-)

Happy Birthday to the most inspiring modularsource!