Friday 15 April 2011

Release: Trans Europa Exzess

Studio version of my set at the Schneidersbuero Superbooth event at the Saasfee Pavillion last week.

I took a 6U system to Frankfurt, which was the same rig I used for the above recording: 4MS RCD + breakout, Analogue Solutions MX224 & SH-NZ, Cwejman RES-4, MMF-1 & VCA-4MX, Doepfer A-133, Makenoise Wogglebug & Maths, Plan B M15 & M12, Toppobrillo Sport Modulator & Triple Wavefolder and, of course, the EHX Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai.

This was the first time I received the full security check the airport, involving a visit to a special room and swab test on the case. A tip for modular travelers: when asked whether you are a DJ and your equipment is a mixer, answer 'yes' to both questions.

Thanks to Andreas and all involved - it was a great evening!


Brian said...

When I have to fill out customs forms for shipping modules, I've learned to call it "stereo equipment" for about the same reason. It's just easier that way.
Nice track sir. Was this SMMH the modified one a la Rechner7? I've a Memory Boy Deluxe on the way that I plan to "upgrade" exactly like my SMMH, again based on Rechner7's as you posted. Love these pedals.

Anonymous said...

Like. A whole lot.


Navs said...

Thanks Brian and Tony - I'm glad you like the track!

I got the impression security just needed to fill in a form for their records. I started explaining modular synths ... and that's when the official offered me the 'DJ/ mixer' easy out lol!

The SMMH is unmodded. In a live situation it's easier to just twiddle the knobs.

rt said...

Nav's your work is excellent.

Leonardo said...

Nav's what can i say? Fantastic work and if you play tracks like this live there are no adjectives (positive) for you. Like very much your posts too, very useful and practical.

Thanks a lot

cubestar said...

Outstanding! :-)