Thursday, 17 February 2011

Rechner7's modded Deluxe Memory Boy

You might remember Rechner7's modded Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai from this post. Here are some sounds of his latest project, a Deluxe Memory Boy modded with trigger inputs for the tap clock, tap divide and expression mode:

Dmmb tapdiv by rechner7

The sound is lo-fi, but musical. The additional trigger inputs open-up many possibilities when used in conjunction with a modular. Click here for more examples.

Because the tap circuit is passive, it apparently needs a fairly hot trigger and it won't respond to very fast changes, but this shouldn't be an issue in most cases.

If you like the sound and possibilities of this mod but don't fancy the DIY involved, Rechner7 is selling his DMB. You can get in touch with him at Rechner7 (ät) directbox (döt) com.


Brian Biggs said...

Nice! I modified my SMMH based on that earlier one you posted. Having something similar but with expression input and tap divide would be quite marvelous. Good stuff here.

Jena_Mu6 said...

Do you have a HiRes picture?

Navs said...

I know, Brian, tap divide is sorely missing on the SMMH.

Jena, yes I do. Mail me. If it's info on the mod you need, you're best contacting Rechner7. The DMB, I understand, is now sold.