Monday 26 July 2010

A Simple Case of Brawn over Brains

Got a spare 3U rack that you'd like to use on your desktop to house performance modules like Pressure Points and Choices?

Unscrew these:

Take them to your local Schlosser and get him to fashion them like this with his Schlagschere:

Screw them back in place and enjoy!

Thanks to Max Kruppa in Kreuzberg for their time and effort.


Anonymous said...

I see BRAINS hiding there now, sneaky.

Anonymous said...

Where did you put the busboard/power?

Navs said...

My rack has a grill, which was originally on the top/ bottom - you can just about see it in the top lefthand corner of the rack picture. I screwed the Doepfer Mini PSU bus-board to this using 1 cm metal spacers/ stand-offs. It's quite convenient, because I can just flip the rack on its back or side to connect modules to the power strip without having to remove other modules for access.