Monday, 21 December 2009

Patch of the Day - Or What?

Ever wondered what else that OR socket on your Maths might be good for?

Today's Patch of the Day uses analogue logic to mix two sequences and then generate random pitch changes to an otherwise static sequence:

PotD - Or What ?  by  navs

In the first example, I manually adjusted the positive scaling of two sequences.

In the second take, I replaced one sequence with the stepped out of a Wogglebug. When the WB's output is higher than the sequence, a random note is added to the output.

If you've patched the ADSR example from the Maths manual, you might have realized that the OR output is a positive-CV-only maximum selector, similar to half of Doepfer's A-172 Maximum/ Minimum Selector. Unlike digital (binary) logic which only has two states, given a mix of CV sources, the highest voltage will be output in the form of a peak-CV contour. As you can hear in the example below, this is very different to mixing/ summing CVs:

(A-172. Two LFOs, summed mix, then max & min outputs)

Doepfer's Min/Max has the advantage of being able to process both positive and negative voltages and can be used to generate odd waveforms. See the product page and manual for more ideas.


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Can you explain in more details how you created those delays sounds in the first take ?

its so beautiful ...