Sunday, 6 September 2009

Cwejman Complex Transient Generator

If you checked the Cwejman site recently, you might have noticed the addition of a couple of new modules, for example the VCEQ-4 & CRV-24 crossover filter. I got to play with a prototype of the latter when Wowa visited Berlin last Summer and was very impressed with the sound and possibilites. However, the module that has me most excited is the CTG-VC Complex Transient Generator as it is the result of discussions I've had with Wowa since that meeting. The idea was to design a compact, flexible envelope generator capable of both ADSR and AD functions.

It offers variable slope shapes, is capable of looping the AD stages, has a hold stage for added punch and output attenuation/ polarization. The 'zero restart' option resets the envelope regardless of whether the release stage has been completed. The only option that doesn't seem to have made it through to the final design is a CV-All input, which would allow for a 'key follow' effect, although this could be attained by multing the pitch CV to the relevant VC-ins.

Availability & Price TBA.

CTG-VC product page & PDF.

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