Monday, 18 May 2009

New Series - Navs' Music Minute

First track in a new series of 60 second compositions. These are tracks featuring multiple takes, a little editing and some effects. In short, anything I can't file under 'Patch of the Day'.

Edit: the SC Player didn't seem to be working at time of posting. If it's still not showing the waveform, just click on the 'Cat's Cradle' link above.

The main parts (random melody & resonant sweep) were generated by a Jomox SunSyn, the occasional bloops, klonks & spurts were generated by a live patch featuring a Livewire AFG, modulated by a Plan B Model 15 VCO. A Wogglebug generated pitch CVs, triggered a Model 10 EG and controlled its Time Base.

For the main part, I cross-modulated the SunSyn's VCOs and set LFO1 to generate a random pitch for one oscillator and played the 'melody' by hand. Proof, maybe, that the best source of randomness is the human touch.

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