Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Patch of the Day - The Wogglebug

Well, I didn't have to wait much longer - the Wogglebugs have landed in Berlin!

I'll spare you the details but, suffice to say, it's well built, a pleasure to look at and bucketloads of fun. There's plenty of information and demos on the web. If you're curious, check out the Make Noise site and Grant Richter's synth DIY pages.

In today's patch I've used the Wogglebug as a VC bit crusher. The left-hand channel is the source material (various VCOs being FM'd). I nudged the right-hand channel back by two divisions in Logic, so the bit crushed recording is heard as a delayed response.

The Wogglebug is being clocked by a Plan B Model 10, which itself is having it's time-base modulated by the WB's smooth out. The random FM sequences were generated by a Sequentix P3. Looks like I might need a second bug ...

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