Friday, 19 March 2010

Patch Tip #4 - Gate to Trigger Converter

Using Maths to convert a gate to trigger to ping a filter.

To get really percussive sounds when pinging a filter you need an extremely short impulse. Envelopes are either too long or generate a decay phase which can lead to a misfiring of the filter.

To get clean, short spikes feed your gate signal to Maths' channel one, set R&F to zero and patch the EOR out to your filter's audio input. You can vary the trigger length by altering the fall time or, for more subtle changes, the response curve from log to exp.

In the example I've used the Pressure Points to generate the gate signal which is fed to Maths for conversion, row one to provide a pitch CV and row two to set the dual peak spacing on a Cwejman MMF-1.

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