Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Shape of Things That Were Pt2

An interesting aspect of Lu Katavist's performance at BE#5 last week was his use of an Analogue Systems RS-35 External Processor to control his Euro rig. The musical results were great, so I checked to see whether I could get my hands on one.

I was surprised to see that the usually paltry list of Analogue Systems modules available at Schneidersbuero had grown to include the full range. I asked Andreas who told me that he was very happy to have recently secured a direct line to Bob William's modules.

Seems like the perfect cue to present some more scans from my recently trashed collection of magazines. Below you'll find Bob Williams discussing the price of second-hand synths in 1993 and Gordon Reid's 1998 review of the RS Integrator.

Music Technology, May 1993, Bob Williams Interview
The Mix, August 1998, Gordon Reid on the RS Integrator

I've updated the original post with a scan of Peter Forrest's second Doepfer review from 1997 as well as an interview with the author, auctioneer and collector himself.

For future scan updates, click on the media tag.

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