Monday 9 April 2012

Patch Tips #23 - PEG Burst Generator

How to patch the 4ms PEG for use as a synced burst generator.

I love the burst output of the Wogglebug but sometimes want the pulse streams to be in time and on command. The PEG makes this easy:

Patch your master clock to the Ping input on one PEG channel. Send your gate - or 'on' command - to the QNT input. I used the T-Gate output of Pressure Points in the example.

Using the QNT input means the PEG will only fire when told to, thus avoiding the need for extra AND logic. It also means it will repeat/ loop its envelopes at a rate set by the div/ mult.

Keep the curve linear and set the skew clockwise for an instantaneous attack time. The EOR now becomes your timing pulse, which you can use to trigger another envelope.

With the basic patch set, use the EOF to trigger a random generator like the Wogglebug. Patch its stepped output to the PEG's div/mult CV to get random but in sync bursts.

If you have an SCM and Expander, you can try a similar patch using the mute and rotate inputs.

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