Thursday, 22 December 2011

LeafAudio Noisefoc Samples

A free library of sounds for Ableton's Simpler made with LeafAudio's Noisefoc synth.

From Manu: "We created a free library for Ableton 8 based on sounds of the NOISEFOC Synth - a 3-oscillator synth that can be built in our workshops as a diy-machine. The library includes 16 Simpler-Instruments that show the possibilities of combining diy-machines and professional production. It doesn't sound like that but yes, you can do electro pop with the sounds ;-) All sounds in this song except the drums are made with the Noisefoc library."

Noisefoc Ableton-Library Demosong by LeafAudio

The library is available here. Look out for LeafAudio workshops in Spring 2012 where you can build your own Noisefoc, Fuzz-O-Mat or Bumsss.

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Nicolás said...

I'm afraid the download link is broken... :(