Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Patch of the Day - Define Time

Thru-zero linear FM fun with the Cyndustries Zeroscillator and Toppobrillo Sport Modulator.

Today's PotD showcases some of the lovely linear FM timbres and stereo effects that the ZO is capable of. It's a single-pass recording of the 0 and 270 quadrature outs, panned hard left and right, with only a little plate reverb from Audio Damage's Eos added. I used a self-oscillating Cwejman MMF-1 filter as modulator, manually offsetting its pitch with four pre-set voltages from a Fonitronik mh01.

The Sport Modulator drives the patch, delivering both CVs and gates. The cycle/ sample times were nudged manually, with some cross-modulation and the stepped random signal of a Wogglebug. The latter's smooth out modulated the attack time and loop trigger of a Cwejman CTG-VC. At high speeds, the envelope amplitude modulates the VCA-2P used as the final gate, adding further sidebands to the mix.


Anonymous said...

Thx for doing this. Very timely as I'm really interested in understanding my ZO better. I was wondering if you could describe what is plugged into each input on the ZO?

Navs said...

No problems. I've had my ZO for 18 months and I'm still learning lol!

In the patch the ZO had all switches up (bias, thru-zero & range), CV to 1V/O, MMF-1 sine to AC-coupled dynamic-in with the pot at 9 o'clock for some base FM & envelope to FM index at about 50%.

Three things you've got to watch with the ZO: spend some time trying to calibrate the 1V/O input to your system (I finally settled on using my ear against Logic's Test Oscillator plug-in), make sure the modulating VCO has little or no DC-offset even when using the AC-in & keep the envelope or index-modulating CV to about 5V. This will get you the best 'tonal' results.

The M15 sine, for example, is a nice modulator for clangorous tones but, because it's not as pure as a self-oscillating filter's sine and contains some DC offset, I get pitching artifacts earlier than if I use the MMF-1.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

That helps a lot. thx.

Anonymous said...

Woot! Just tried it with the MMF-1. Wow. That's a great find. This is barnone BTW.

Brian Biggs said...

I've been FMing the Hertz Donut with the Malekko Osc and the sine from my Z2040 lately more than the Donut's own secondary oscillator, and the results are a lot prettier because of it. Nothing like a pure sine.
Nice patch Navs.

Navs said...

Thanks barnone & Brian!

There's some more ZO info in this thread at MW.