Monday, 16 November 2009

SunSyn 2.0

I took my SunSyn to Jomox in Kreuzberg today for the 2.0 update. Like many users, I'm looking forward to the improvements but also concerned that some of the SunSyn's 'characteristic' (or should that be 'idiosyncratic'?) sound might be lost.

Jürgen reassured me that the sound will remain the same and was kind enough to show me some of the new features. Besides improvements to the arpeggiator and portamento functions, the RCOs have been completely overhauled and even allow FM. This sounded fantastic and greatly enhances the SunSyn's sonic palette.

This is the sound of my pre-update SunSyn, recorded for posterity:

Sunscape  by  navs

I hope to have my SunSyn back in two to three weeks - I'll let you how the upgraded synth sounds then.


cosmotobe said...

"...back in two to three weeks"
But now without joking, is the Sunsyn back yet?

Navs said...

lol! Thanks for the reminder. I knew 2-3 weeks was wishful thinking ... time to shoot Jürgen a mail.

Doktor Future said...

Is it back yet? I just bought one on the bay and am wondering how long it will take to get it to 2.0 status.

Navs said...

Haha! Yes, sorry, forgot to update that story! It is back. Jürgen was very busy preparing for NAMM and then away at the fair. In the end I told him I was coming round to pick it up (March??) one day and when I got there he was running the envelope calibration routine. So, I guess, once he gets round to it, it can be done in a matter of hours lol! Although certain features are still not implemented, the upgrade was worth it and did not affect the SunSyn's characteristic sound i.e. no regrets. In fact, as mine was a very low serial number, Jürgen upgraded some hardware at no extra cost. Champion bloke! I will post something soon :)

mark august said...

hey. i ran into yr blog and i thought, maybe you are very experienced in how to calibrate the filters of yr sunsyn, im having great problems with it as i fucked things up as mentioned here:
maybe you know the all helping answer?
lovely lovely machine btw.

Navs said...

Best bet is to mail Jürgen. There is a calibration doc on the Sunsyn product page, but I don't know if that still apllies to 2.0. Good luck!