Thursday, 29 October 2009

PotD - a2z2a2z

An experiment in cross-modulation. I don't normally do the noise thing, but thought I'd share this clip as I know there are many of you who do. Hope you like it.

This patch started out as a bog-standard linear FM bell-sound patch. It was pretty but boring until I set up some cross modulation between the carrier and modulator.

The total module-count was six (2 VCOs, Maths, clock, sequencer and multiple), but what you're hearing is the the output of a single oscillator. As you can tell, minute changes can lead to unpredictable results!


Ronald said...

great patch, nice, so wacky...

Navs said...

Thanks Ronald. It'll be 'back to normal transmissions' for the next PotD ;)