Sunday, 19 April 2009

Patch of the Day - Waiting for Woggle

Waiting for the Makenoise Wogglebugs to land, I patched up a little alien welcoming committee using a Frostwave Resonator Korg MS-20 filter clone, a random source and two VCLFOs (Doepfer A-147 & Plan B Model 10).


Peter Speer said...

Cool sounds, Navs! Looking forward to hearing what you come up with when the Wogglebug arrives!!

I loooooove The Resonator. Now that it's in the world of discontinued-but-still-popular gear, I wonder if someone will make a modular-format clone of it (as Malekko did with the Brassmaster). A clone of a clone!

pac said...

but there are 2 ms 20 alike modules already, whats up with these (OK these may not be "exact" clones...)
A-106-1 and Analogue Solutions Multimode Filter

Navs said...

pac's right, you know :)

The A-106-1 was one of my first filters, but I sold it: not because it wasn't like the MS-20 (never heard one in the flesh, so I can't compare), but because it was a bugger to set. Either vanilla or clipping like mad. I had the A-Sol filter on loan some time last year (see the old Modular Lab archive at for the files) and loved it! Only problem: it's 18HP!! Oh, and doesn't offer full CV-ability IIRC ...

pixelmechanic said...

I've got a Resonator and SY02. The Resonator just slays the SY02! I know there's trimpots on the circuit board of the SY02 but I just can't get anything like the lows out of it in self-oscillation that I can out of the Res.

I'll be selling the SY02 pretty soon!

For me the Resonator is an instrument in itself. The fact that I can plug cvs and audio into it is a bonus. I use it extensively for LF throbs and drones playing live with Monosynth Orchestra

I've also got access to MS10 and MS20 and the RES comes pretty damn close. Better than SY02 to my ears.